Mta-screen 2011-03-27 22-58-49

the TT-C from the street

The TuTorial-Center (short TT-C) is the ingame tutorial for our Roleplay gamemode. Here you will find all informations needed to play on our server.

Outside of it is a parking area and a small fountain.

The Tutorials

The whole building is filled with "i" icons placed at
points which show the topic iof this information. There is also an

i-point at the entrance explaining this tutorial.

You will find Tutorials for:

  • the center itself
  • the health system
  • admins
  • the map
  • the system
  • vehicles
  • people on the server
  • money $_$
Mta-screen 2011-03-27 22-58-57

the parking lots

edit: looking forward to place the tips at a Tutorial page here, but got more important things right now

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