In-game Name:




ApuPapinPapuPata (mostly called Apu) is the owner of and the former Host of our servers.

What Apu DoesEdit

Well, apu has a job. And he owns the murocraft servers.
Murocraft is his dedicated server, hosted in Germany.

BigBadButler hosts our servers at Apu's german servers. Currently every server is hosted in Germany at Apu's servers.

Why? Because apu won't host us because our database slows down his minecraft server with our giant laggs.

Did you know ...Edit

That Apu has his forehead as MSN profile picture, and that it's amazing and original :D

Apu likes chocolate.

Apu hosts a teamspeak server for murocraft too, and we may use it as much as we want (what nobody does). For the people who are interested, the IP is

Apu hosts a Minecraft server. The IP is :D


LinksEdit, Apus official minecraft-server homepage (finnish)

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