JasperNL=D - Owner of Roleplay
[-Chris-] - Head-Admin of Roleplay
Jaguar - Admin
mmp - Admin
Rada - Admin and Translator
BigBatButler - Owner of Chaos-Servers


MemeGuy - Mod
WessebPL=D - Mod
OlieNL=D - Mod
ColMustard - Mod
Rocy - Mod
Hanked - Mod
Marcus - Mod
Claude4life - Mod
M.LOL - Mod
Ross - Mod


Toppexxx - Co-Owner of Roleplay
Grim Ripper - Admin
Apupapinpapupata - Old Owner of
Francois - Admin
ProGeX - Mod
BlackWolf - Mod
Teh-pker - Admin


TheHeadHunter - Head-Head
Taalasmaa - old Owner of servers

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